1. How do I brew this coffee?

We recommend using an Aeropress (our favourite!) or a French press or a Moka pot. Avoid electric coffee makers. First, grind to the right size - coarse grind for French Press, medium for Aeropress, and fine grind for Moka pot. Grind just before brewing for really fresh flavour and aroma. We grind your coffee right before shipping, so it'll be fresh for ~ 2 weeks after it reaches you. After brewing, taste a little of the "black" coffee before deciding how much sugar or milk you want to add. Our coffee has a lot of natural flavor and does not need a lot of sugar or milk!

2. Why is this coffee so good?

We source raw, green beans directly from farms in the best coffee-growing countries like Colombia, Gautemala, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua. Each region and each farm has their own soil, altitude and climate result in different flavours. We create unique blends from these different styles and roast them bring out their complex flavours.

3. How can coffee have these flavours?

We don't add any flavour to the coffee. Depending on where the coffee is grown and how it is roasted, there are natural aromas and flavours in the coffee that are subtle tones to the main coffee flavour, and usually described using other foods. For example, sometimes coffee may have tones of caramel -- this does not mean there is caramel added to the coffee, but that the subtle aroma and flavor of the coffee are close to that of caramel.

Drying, roasting and brewing all affect coffee flavour, but the biggest determinant is the soil. The tones are formed due to the soil's chemical composition, which can give the coffee a nutty, fruity, caramel or chocolate tones to varying degrees.

4. How do we accept payment?

We accept all types of online payments through our payment gateway, be it credit cards, debit cards, UPI and wallet payments. As of now we don't accept PayTM, although we are working hard at bringing that option to you as well.

5. How long will it take for me to receive my package?

With express shipping, you should receive your coffee within 48hours of payment. With our free shipping option it takes 3-4 business days for the coffee to reach you. That being said, shipping time generally depends on distance and location of your address and may vary depending on courier provider. In each instance we will send you a tracking code and link so that you can keep updated about your package.

6. Any other questions we can answer?

Email us at coffee@pacificcoastfoods.in or  Whatsapp us at  +91 9900093094

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