Which Is The Best South Indian Filter Coffee Powder In India?

This is one question we get asked frequently, so we decided to write about it. South Indian Filter Coffee is not a type of coffee, but is a type of brewing method used to make coffee. Each brewing method results in its own unique tastes due to the variance of amount of water, its temperature and the time the powder stews in the water. These variances lead to differences in the chemical reactions which are just enough to result in a difference in taste.

So when brewing South Indian Filter Coffee you can use any coffee powder you want, while keeping the brewing technique the same, and the result will always taste similar. There will ofcourse be differences as the type and quality of coffee also has an impact on the taste/flavour of the concoction.

There is no specific coffee powder for south Indian filter coffee, any powder can be used, however just ensure that the correct grind size (fine grind for south Indian filter) is being used. It’s optional but recommended that the coffee powder doesn’t contain chicory as it dilutes the taste (we’ll cover this separately in another post). Now, don’t let anyone tell you that the coffee is especially for South Indian Filter Coffee, because any coffee can be used with any brewing method.

Now, we import the best quality and the most premium grade coffee from across the world. Our coffee is indeed the best for South Indian Filter Coffee as it is the best quality coffee available in India :-) . Our coffee is imported from South America and Africa, 100% Arabica coffee, organically grown, with sustainable farming techniques so that it doesn’t hurt the environment. Arabica coffee is also a lot more flavourful and aromatic than the Indian grown Robusta beans. We roast our coffee to perfection so that there is no bitterness in our fresh roast. Thus when you brew our coffee we know the flavours will come out well and you will enjoy the drink better than any other Indian bean.

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Source of Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/haynes/2220721963