Which is better ground coffee or instant coffee?

Instant coffee is freeze dried coffee which is used because it is convenient. In India, it’s the most popular form of coffee made at home because of its convenience. Mix it with water or milk, add sugar to taste and you are done. However if you are looking for a good refreshing coffee then Instant coffee is not the best option.

Instant coffee is made using a process called freeze drying. The coffee is brewed and the concoction is made. Then using a specialized machine and process the moisture is removed from this brew which leaves behind the instant coffee powder. This powder immediately melts whenever it comes in contact with moisture even damp air can trigger this. Yes, this is why instant coffee bottles often become sticky inside as the powder comes in contact with moisture and dissolves.

Now, in the process of first making the brew and then removing the moisture, the flavour of the coffee is greatly reduced. So when you brew instant coffee at home, what you get is the last vestiges of coffee flavour left over.

Once you start brewing and drinking regular coffee (non-instant), you will find it hard to drink instant coffee again. The caffeine content for ground coffee is more than instant coffee which generally has only 50% of the caffeine in ground coffee.

Ground coffee also retains the original flavours of the coffee which come out very well on brewing the same. The natural fruity, chocolatey or earthy tones, depending on the coffee variety, get lost when  instant coffee is concerned, but make the coffee brewed from ground beans a very enjoyable drink.

The flavour & quality of the coffee brewed greatly depends on the quality of beans used. Instant coffee generally uses the lesser quality Robusta beans which have a bitter edge and have lesser flavour as compared to the aromatic Arabica beans.

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